1. The water came to 9 inches below the ceiling in Jose's first floor.
    These huge pylons and wooden structures from a pier or jetty were crashed into cars and houses. This location is 1/2 a mile from the ocean and 1/4 mile from the bay.
    All over Rockaway and Broad Channel you can see where the water had been by the trash stuck in the fences. Rite Aid is currently closed and not 'here' for the community.
    Many cars were overturned by the waves
    This F-250 stands at 6.75 Feet high. The water filled the truck and went over.

    Where the water came.

    The Rockaway peninsula is 11.5 miles long and no wider than 3/4 of a mile. On one side is the North Atlantic, on the other, Jamaica Bay. Between the two bodies of water, they buried the peninsula during Hurricane Sandy. The land disappeared. In some cases the water filled houses to their ceilings more than 12 feet high. 

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