1. Jill Drury looking out at what was the boardwalk in Rockaway. Beach 96th st
    Jill Drury lamenting the devastation behind her.

    A few weeks ago, I met Jill Drury. Jill runs an Event Management company called Drury Design. She, her husband and her entire team took a Friday off from the office and put their energies into helping Rockaway with the clean up. 

    After a full day of shovelling sand, scrubbing and removing debris from the Low Tide Bar concession, I found her contemplating the situation on a section of broken boardwalk.

    How picturesque it was with her American Flag behind her. To her left, the skeleton of concrete pylons along the beach that supported our dancing feet during Summer. And to her right, the absolute devastation of asphalt, boardwalk and houses along Shore Front Pkwy. 

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